film editing schools


If you are thinking about a career in the film business, there are a variety of different film editing schools that you can look into. I attended the University of California at Irvine Film Studies program. I found this program to be an excellent source of learning about various types of films from Japanese Cinema to German Films to Film Noir. Each of the film editing schools that are across the country offer various perks such as film editing systems like Final Cut Pro or Avid Express. The more tools that a school has to offer is, in my opinion, a better place to learn.

If you are seeking to attend film editing schools that are part of a university or community college curriculum, some of the top well-known schools for film include NYU, USC, University of Texas at Austin, U.C. Berkeley, and American Film Institute. There are also colleges that offer film programs that are a wider range of subjects more than just film editing. It is sometimes helpful to study all of the various areas of filmmaking to have a very good handle on how movies are made.

If you don't want to spend 4 years in a university or college setting, there are specialized film editing schools that you can attend through various editorial companies and training camps. These programs can be costly, so if you can manage the tuition, you can usually get a very quick hands-on training in a short amount of time. The downside to these types of training "camps" is that they teach a lot of technical basics that can't compensate for the actual reality of how a cutting room is operated. Sometimes, there is no comparison to cutting room experience! If you do decide to be a film editor, ask to sit in with professional editors to get an idea of how films are cut!



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