Janelle Ashley Nielson

MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE (Series, Seasons Three and Four)• Editor (AVID)
Pilgrim Studios/The Learning Channel, Exec. Prod. Melodie Calvert

DAVID TUTERA'S CELEBRATIONS (Series, Seasons Two)• Editor (AVID)
Pilgrim Studios/WeTV, Exec. Prod. Melodie Calvert

RAISING WHITLEY (Series, Seasons One, Two and Three)• Editor (AVID)
Pilgrim Studios/Oprah Winfrey Network, Exec. Prod. Melodie Calvert

AMERICA'S BOOK OF SECRETS (Series, Seasons One)• Editor (AVID)
Prometheus Entertainment/The History Channel (H2), Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

KENDRA (Series, Seasons One, Two, Three and Four)• Editor (AVID) click for episode listing
Prometheus Entertainment/E! Entertainment Television, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

HEF'S RUNAWAY BRIDE (One Hour Special)• Editor (AVID)
Prometheus Entertainment/Lifetime Television, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

HOLLY'S WORLD (Series, Seasons One and Two)• Editor (AVID)
Prometheus Entertainment/E! Entertainment Television, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR (Series, Seasons Four, Five and Six)• Editor (AVID) click for episode listing
Prometheus Entertainment/Alta Loma Entertainment/E! Entertainment Television, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

BRIDGET'S SEXIEST BEACHES (Series, Seasons One)• Editor (AVID)
Prometheus Entertainment/Travel Channel, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

FOOD PARADISE (Series, Seasons One, Four)• Editor (AVID)
Prometheus Entertainment/Travel Channel, Exec. Prod. Kevin Burns

DOG WHISPERER with Cesar Millan **Emmy nominated twice for Outstanding Reality Program - Primetime
(Series, Seasons Two, Three and Four) • Editor (AVID) click for segment listing
MPH Entertainment/National Geographic Channel, Series Prod. SueAnn Fincke

Rocket Science Laboratories/FOX, Exec. Prod. Jean-Michel Michenaud

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA:The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Feature) • Animatics Editor (AVID/Film)
Walden Media/Walt Disney Pictures, Dir. Andrew Adamson

REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES (Feature) • Additional Editor (AVID/Film)
Real Women Have Curves, Inc./HBO Films, Dir. Patricia Cardoso

KARROLL'S CHRISTMAS (MOW) • Additional Editor (AVID) Fox Television/A&E, Dir. Dennis Dugan

THE LONE RANGER (MOW & Pilot) • Additional Editor (AVID) Turner Television/TNT, Dir. Jack Bender

ON THE BEAT (Series) • Editor (AVID) BET Network, Exec. Prod. John Goldhammer

COMIC VIEW (Series) • Editor (AVID) BET Network, Prod. Marcia Campbell

OCEAN PARK (Feature) • Editor (AVID) Surf Digital Films, Dir. David Warfield, Prod. Eric Liekefet

REMNANTS OF AURIC HEALING (Feature) • Editor (Final Cut Pro) Stell Productions, Dir. Aaron Stell

PUMPKIN (Feature) • Associate Editor (AVID/Film) American Zoetrope/United Artists Films, Dirs. Adam Broder & Tony Abrams

ENTOURAGE (Series) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) HBO Entertainment, Dirs. Julian Farino, Dan Attias, Leslie Libman

WHISPERS: An Elephant's Tale (Feature) •
First Assistant Editor (AVID/Film) Walt Disney Pictures, Dirs. Dereck & Beverly Joubert

JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK (Feature) • Assistant Editor (AVID/Film) Askews Me, Inc/Dimension Films, Dir. Kevin Smith

FALLEN (Feature) • Assistant Editor (Film) Atlas Entertainment/Warner Bros., Dir. Gregory Hoblit

THE LAST BACHELOR (Feature) • First Assistant Editor (AVID/Film) Beacon Communications, Dir. Rocco Urbisci

DAY ONE (Pilot) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) Regency/WB, Dir. Michael Katleman

ON THE EDGE OF INNOCENCE (MOW) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) Paramount Television/NBC, Dir. Peter Werner

First Assistant Editor (AVID) Citadel Entertainment/FOX, Dir. Joyce Chopra

SUDDEN TERROR: The Hijacking of School Bus #17 (MOW) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) Columbia/Tristar Television/ABC, Dir. Paul Schneider

ONCE YOU MEET A STRANGER (MOW) • First Assistant Editor (AVID/Film) Warner Bros. Television/CBS, Dir. Tommy Lee Wallace

MY VERY BEST FRIEND (MOW) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) Viacom/CBS, Dir. Joyce Chopra

RAISING CAINES (Series) • First Assistant Editor (AVID) Tristar Television/NBC, Ex. Prod. Bob Brush

THE VIKING SAGAS (Feature) • Apprentice Editor (AVID/Film) New Line Cinema, Dir. Michael Chapman

Assistant Editor (Film) Crystal Sky Communications, Ex. Prod. Jon Voight

CITROEN "Bucking Bronco", Dir. David Lynch - Asst. Editor (Commercial)
OCEAN PARK, Dir. David Warfield - Editor EPK (Trailer)
RIDDLE, Dir. Adam Kreutner - Editor (Short )

Member Editors Guild #700 /AVID Film Composer & AVID Xpress DV (All Platforms) / Final Cut Pro / KEM /Moviola / Projection / Adobe Photoshop / FileMaker Pro / Type 75 w.p.m / General office & computer skills (Mac & PC) / Spanish / Voice-Overs

EDUCATION: University of California, Irvine, B.A. in Film Studies

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