Janelle Ashley Nielson - Film Editor's Reel

Below are various clips edited by Janelle. Click the text to watch:


Whitney goes tubing with her friends

Whitney gets a pig

Raising Whitley

Actress and comedienne Kym Whitley receives a life-changing call from a hospital that forces her to decide within an hour whether she wants to adopt a newborn baby boy. With the help of "The Village", a council of her close friends and family, Kym assembles a team of supporters to raise her son, Joshua, together.

Harold goes to Palm Springs to help Wendell choose items for the yard sale and soon finds out that Wendell, like Kym, is also a "stuffer" who won't let go of the old belongings that clutter his closets. It's a blast from the past when they find some of Wendell's old outfits.

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