Janelle Ashley Nielson - Film Editor's Reel

Editing Demo Reel - Quicktime Movie - Running Time - 10 mins.

This reel includes an opening montage of clips and a compilation of scenes which I cut from films and TV shows such as: Real Women Have Curves, Pumpkin, The Lone Ranger, Entourage, Karroll's Christmas and Ocean Park. Click the play button to start.

 "Kendra" Clips

(click to play, start or stop episode clip)

Let Them Eat Wedding Cake - Episode 112 - Kendra prepares for her wedding at the Playboy Mansion



 "The Girls Next Door" Clips

(click to play, start or stop episode clip)

Various from Season Six (Meet the New Girls, The Wheel World)


Third Time's The Charming - Episode 516 - The girls celebrate at the mansion on the famous slip n slide


Scuba, Scuba, Do! - Episode 515 - The GND learn to scuba dive


The Big Easy Does It - Episode 514 - The Girls go to Mardi Gras


Kentucky Fried- Episode 504 - Hef and the girls attend the Kentucky Derby


Girl Crazy Part One and Two - Episodes 502 and 503 - The two part search for 55th Anniversary Playmate


Hot Chocolate - Episode 414 - Fifth Season Premiere - The Girls and Hef go to Vegas to celebrate his 82nd Birthday.


Surf's Up - Episode 412 - Fourth Season Finale - When the Girls Next Door go to the beach, they don't just grab a towel and go: they pull out all the stops - with some help from the Mansion staff. The girls also visit Raging Waters and Holly gets a swimming lesson from Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Beard.


Wedding Belles - Episode 410 - Wedding bells are ringing for Holly's sister in Jamaica and the girls are there to celebrate.

(Clips to come) 

Go West, Young Girl - Episode 408 - Out with the old and in with the new, when Holly becomes a Junior photo editor and takes the Playboy Studio by storm.

"Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" Clips

To view scenes from some of my Dog Whisperer Segments, click on one of the videos below:

Lotus Blossoms - (Lotus) - Cesar helps the owners of a biting dachshund to be calm around the dog


Made in Japan - (Marley) - Cesar helps a dog rescued from Japan with his food aggression issues.


The Farmer and The Dog - (Molly) - Cesar talks about e-collars to help correct a tire biting dog.


Won't Walk Dog - (Jane) - Cesar helps fearful Eskimo Mix Jane to take a normal walk down the street


Mighty Mastiff - (Riley) - Cesar shows Mastiff owner Jessica how to properly walk her large breed dog Riley

Canine Confidential - (Isis & Tina) - Will these two battling dogs ruin their owners love relationship?


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