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Two helpful clips from "The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing" 

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Film Editing - Learn more about film editing

Film Editing Schools - Find film editing schools to learn how to cut picture

Film Editing Dictionary - Look up helpful terms related to the film editor

Basic Home Movie Editing with Adobe Premiere - How Video Editing Works, a guide for the average consumer that wants to get started editing their movies on their home computer

Definition of Film Editing - A Wikipedia definition and a bit of history of film editing, from influences like Soviet montage theory to digital editing, including information on Film Editing practices from great filmmakers like Eisenstein, Kuleshov, D.W. Griffith, and Kubrick.  Also includes some rules for cutting from Edward Dymtryk and Walter Murch.

Art and Analyses of Film Sound Design - Excellent resource about sound editing and design, with great articles from famous award-winning sound editors and designers like Walter Murch and Randy Thom

Editing the film "Zodiac" - Editor Angus Wall talks about the completely tapeless post-production workflow used on the film

"Charlotte's Web" Spinners: Editorial Team Weaves an Anthropomorphic Menagerie - Editors Susan Littenberg and Sabrina Plisco talk about the challenges they faced when editing this heavy visual effects based film

The View from the Cutting Room Ceiling - Editor Debra Neil-Fisher discusses how she cut a scene from "Welcome to Mooseport" 

Zach Staenberg on the Matrix Trilogy - Editor Zach Staenberg talks about his experience cutting the Matrix movies and what it was like for him to work with the Wachowski Brothers on this VFX intense film

Moving Up: Becoming an Editor - Twelve Editors talk about how they got their first jobs and give advice on how to becomg an editor.

Editing "Slumdog Millionaire" - Oscar winning editor Chris Dickens talks about editing this award winning feature

Editing "Milk" - Oscar nominated editor Elliot Graham talks about editing Milk

Editing "The Dark Knight" - Oscar nominated editor Lee Smith talks about editing The Dark Knight on Avid

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