Code of Effects - Sharing Some Secrets From the Cutting Room - Using AVID FilmScribe and FileMaker Pro to manage films with a large amount of Visual Effects (VFX)

How to Use the Avid Calculator - How to calculate footages and timings using the calculator that is part of the Avid program

Using Avid FilmScribe - Learn how to generate assemble, pull and negative cutlists using FilmScribe and Avid. Also use this tool for generating optical cut lists for your VFX.

Managing Your Avid Unity Project - Learn how to organize your Avid Unity workspaces for optimum project work flow.

Working with Avid Log Exchange (ALE) - A step by step explanation of how to use Avid Log Exchange to create your ALE files for importing shot log files and databases into the Avid and convert files from other sources such as FLX, FTL, Final Cut Pro, and others.

7 Quick Tips for More Efficient Editing - Working Efficiently on the Avid will give you more time to be creative


How to configure Mac OSX for FCP - Useful tips to set up your OS for maximum performance

DVD-Rs for Media Back-up in FCP - How to backup up your Final Cut Pro media files to DVD-R

Definition of Insert vs. Overwrite Edit - Learn the difference between Insert and Overwrite editing with Final Cut Pro 

Locating Sequence Audio Levels that are Too Loud in FCP - Techniques for finding "hot" or distorted audio levels in your Final Cut Pro sequence

Using Final Cut Pro Green Visibility Lights - Tips for using the green visibility lights in the timeline of FCP 

Creating Burned in Timecode in Final Cut Pro - How to put a time code burn in window on your FCP sequence

Changing Reel Names in Final Cut Pro -  From, if you’ve ever chosen the wrong reel name, or entered the wrong reel name on accident here is a cool tip to show you how to fix that.  This tip is a visual walk-through using the FCP interface.

Renaming clips in FCP - How to rename clips in Final Cut Pro 6

Creating a WMV movie file from Final Cut Pro -  Step-by-step instructions on how to export and create a a WMV film from a FCP sequence

Removing Audio Pops and Clicks in Final Cut Pro - Subframe audio editing tips from Ripple Training

Saving Favorites in FCP - Ripple Training shows you how to save favorite transition effects and filters to be used again in later sequences. You can also save multiple filter packs to save time on redoing old effects. Try this with motion effects as well!

Easily change file names in Final Cut - An easy step by step guide on how to change multiple file names in FCP. This is a great timesaver!

Add Transition Effects to Multiple Clips - How to add transition effects to multiple clips, another great timesaver for Final Cut Pro!

Restore Deleted Audio of Video Portions in Your Timeline - If you have deleted the audio, or video portion of a clip in your Final Cut Pro timeline, but you want to it back, use this helpful tip!

How to Export HDV video to SD DVD Using FCP - Step by step process for exporting HDV to SD DVD

How to Find Items in the Timeline - An easy way to search for clips in your timeline using the find command

Quick Ways to Add Transitions in Final Cut Studio - Streamline your editing with tools to speed up time spent on effects

Creating an Animated Effect in FCP - How to add an animated cartoon effect to your Final Cut Pro sequence

Create a Venetian Blind Look Over Picture - Add a venetian blind mask box to your video with this easy trick in Final Cut Studio

FREE Plug-ins for Final Cut Pro - Visit this site for free plugins for use with Final Cut Pro. Includes Video Filters like Luma effects, technicolor looks, and blowout fixers.

Smooth Cam Filter in FCP6 - Learn how to smooth out shaky camera work using this filter


iDVD 7 - Everything you need to know to get you started using iDVD 7

Creating and Uploading Movies to You Tube - A step by step way to export and create movies from Final Cut Pro, Quicktime or others to upload to

Creating a DVD with Burnt-in Timecode - Steps to adding a timecode burn-in to your DVD using DVD Studio Pro

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