Here is a list of the segments which I edited on Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on National Geographic Channel:

(listing dog's name/ segment title and the blurb about the segment)


COSMO (Bringing Home Baby)

Everything was blissful for Victoria McMinimy and Armin Rahm until they put their dogs together! Armin's shepherd akita mix Cosmo's behavior has escalated to biting. Victoria is expecting a new baby and she is concerned about Cosmo being too dangerous around their newborn.  Cesar arrives to help the couple learn how to introduce their new baby to the family dog.

LADY ("Lady" is a Tramp)

Lady is a Dalmation/German shepherd mix with a jealous streak. Lady will not let anyone near her owner Karolynn, not even Karolynn's own mother.  Cesar Millan shows Karolynn how to take back the pack leader role.

TEDDY (Spin, Poodle, Spin)

Teddy the spinning poodle turns into a Tasmanian Devil every time a car passes by.  Cesar shows his owners how to stop this whirling dervish from spinning out of control.

ISIS AND TINA (Canine Confidential)

Burl and Judy met on the internet. It was love at first sight ...until their dogs met. Isis - a pit bull - and Tina - a pit bull mix - are aggressive towards each other.  Can Cesar help mend this battle of the bulls?

LEO (What a Drag, Dog)

Leo is a stubborn Bassett Hound has to literally be dragged places he doesn't want to go.  Cesar Millan comes to the rescue to get Leo moving.

TIGER AND ROXY (Rottie Pups)

Cesar helps sisters Janet and Mary to rehabilitate two Rottie puppies before they grow into dangerous attack dogs.

MADDY (Molly and Maddy)

Cesar helps an adopted, Terrier mix overcome her terrible fear of men.


MOLLY (The Farmer and the Dog)

Molly, a 1 1/2-year-old blue heeler in Nebraska, had been chasing her owner Mark Eggers' pickup truck to the point where, one day, she caught the tire, her teeth stuck, and she flipped over.  Can Cesar help Molly get over her tire obsession?

JANE (Imaginary Walls)

Jane is an American Eskimo/border collie mix in Chicago that just won't walk.  Can Cesar help Jane to overcome her fears of the outside world?

SKYLER, CASSIE, & TORI (My Three Schnauzers)

Jim and Marcia adopted miniature schnauzer Tori and received a warning "She spins." Meet Tori, an adopted miniature schnauzer who compulsively spins in circles. Tori's owners tried to solve the problem by giving her some playmates, two more schnauzers Cassie and Skyler, but Tori's new pack attacks her when she starts her whirling routine.  Can Cesar set this spinning schnauzer straight?

PROMISE (The Stubborn Italian Mastiff)

Promise is an Italian mastiff puppy that fears riding in cars.  Cesar uses a unique approach to help the owners get Promise to happily travel in the car.

CANDY (Sweet & Sour Candy)

"Downtown" Julie Brown wants to unspoil her Yorkie, Candy.  With Cesar's help, she is able to share being a calm assertive pack leader with her daughter.

RILEY (The Life of Riley)

Riley, a 125-pound mastiff, expands her grudge against the mailman to include skateboarders and other dogs. Can Cesar help the owners to control this mighty mastiff during her walks?

CHLOE & SAMMY (Maureen's Gift)

Meet Chloe, a disrespectful cocker spaniel who taunts her owner Maureen, who has cerebral palsy. Can Cesar tame Chloe and provide the owner with the service dog she deserves?

AMBER (The Beer's Bitter Brew)

Amber is a blue eyed beauty who is driving her owners nuts with her high energy.  Cesar shows the owners how to properly exercise and discipline Amber to help her to become a balanced dog.

BODHI (Not So Merry Kerry Blue Terry)

Bodhi is a Kerry Blue Terrier who has become human aggressive.  Cesar steps in and transforms this handsome blue devil into the friendly family dog he was born to be.

LOTUS  (Lotus Blossoms) **This is a very special segment, currently available only on the Dog Whisperer Season Two Bonus Materials DVD

Lotus is a dachshund who has become possessive over one of his owners, biting his other owner countless times and sending her to the ER.  Can Cesar stop this fatal attraction from escalating into more biting episodes?


BUFFY (Wound Up Round Up Rottie)

Buffy is a Rottweiler that is obsessed with her owner's horses. Cesar steps in to help control Buffy's hyperactivity.

CHLOE (Attack of the Peekapoo)

Chloe is a Peekapoo that turns vicious at grooming time or whenever her owner tries to take toys from her. Cesar steps in to bring out the best in Chloe.

MARLEY  (Made In Japan)

Marley is a rescued Shiba Inu who has made a long journey across the world from Japan, only to need Cesar's help. Can Cesar rehabilitate this sad case?

BARCLAY (Putting The Cart Behind the Dog) - stay tuned for this new episode

Barclay is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who refuses to do what his breed is born to do, pull carts. Ceasr shows Barclay's owner how to train Barclay to perform his carting duties.

EMMA (This Food Possessed) - stay tuned for this new episode

Emma is a Lab mix who is possessive over her food. Cesar shows her owner how to teach Emma better table manners.

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