Here is a list of the episodes which I edited on The Girls Next Door on E! Entertainment:


Go West, Young Girl - Episode 408

Out with the old and in with the new, when Holly becomes West Coast photo editor and takes the Playboy Studio by storm.

Wedding Belles - Episode 410

Wedding bells are ringing for Holly's sister and the girls are there to celebrate!

Surf's Up - Episode 412

When the Girls Next Door go to the beach, they don't just grab a towel and go: they pull out all the stops - with some help from the Mansion staff.


Hot Chocolate -Episode 414

Hef and the Girls venture to Vegas for a very special celebration of the magazine mogul's 82nd birthday. The girls design chocolate-dipped body parts for Hef's birthday gift.

Girl Crazy Part One - Episode 502

The Mansion hosts a key segment of the search for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, with hundreds of beautiful girls vying for this exclusive honor. Holly and Bridget then head with friends to Chicago to continue the search while Kendra keeps Hef busy at home.

Girl Crazy Part Two - Episode 503

The search continues for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, with Holly, Bridget and friends making their way to Dallas and New York.

Kentucky Fried - Episode 504

Hef and the Girls attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, with the Girls decked out in their most fabulous dresses and hats and turning heads.

The Spa Who Loved Me - Episode 513

The ladies invite their moms to the mansion and treat them to a spa visit to celebrate Mother's Day.

The Big Easy Does It - Episode 514

The ladies go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Scuba, Scuba, Do! - Episode 515

The girls get certified in scuba diving: "class" takes place at the dining room table, followed by a first lesson in the Mansion pool and a sea dive off the coast of Catalina.

Third Time's the Charming - Episode 516

It's summertime fun at the Playboy Mansion and Holly is helping to direct Playboy shoots for all three of The Girls Next Door. This is a special pictorial for the girls.


Meet the New Girls - Episode 601

Hef's new girls, Crystal, Karissa and Kristina; the twins fly to Vegas to celebrate their double Playmate issue, and meet Holly.

The Wheel World - Episode 603

After Hef shows Crystal and the Twins a video of a sexy roller-disco party he hosted at the Mansion in 1979, the Girls are inspired to throw their own 70's-themed bash on skates.

The S'more The Merrier - Episode 604

The Twins and Crystal decide to "get back to nature" and camp in the back yard with their Playmate friends. By the end of the night, the campers end up in Hef's room for a movie.

Ciao Time - Episode 606

Hef takes the girls to Italy, where the twins meet their cousins and Hef is an honored guest at the Sanremo music festival.

The Showering Inferno - Episode 609

Bridget Marquardt throws Kendra a baby shower at Mary O'Connor's house, with the help of Holly, Crystal and the twins.

Deja View- Episode 606

Crystal, Kristina and Karissa make a scrapbook for Hef to celebrate their one-year anniversary.


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