Here is a list of the episodes which I edited on Kendra on E! Entertainment:


Episode 109 - Undress Rehearsal

Leading up to the Kendra and Hank's Wedding, Kendra attends a sexy bridal shower and celebrates with Hank at the rehearsal dinner

Episode 110 - Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

The first season concludes with Kendra and Hank Wedding at the Playboy mansion.

Episode 111 - Keepin' It Real

Kendra and Hank discuss their future and look forward to being parents. Also: The couple reflect on the show's first season.


Episode 200/201/202 - Here Comes Baby

Kendra and Hank unexpectedly move to Indianapolis and prepare for the birth of their first born child.

Episode 205 - The Big Game

Kendra has to do a bikini photo shoot during Super Bowl week in Miami.

Episode 206 - With a Little Help from My Friends

Holly Madison comes to visit, and Kendra and Hank prepare to move back to Los Angeles.

Episode 207 - Are We There Yet?

Hank, Kendra and Little Hank make the cross-country move back to Los Angeles, reminisce about their Indianapolis adventures, and visit with friends along the way.

Episode 210 - The Eagle Has Landed

Kendra starts working out with her new trainer, Nicky; shoots a new workout DVD, and Hank finds out which NFL team he'll be playing for next season.

Episode 212 - Here's Looking at You, Kendra

As Kendra struggles with insecurities over her post-baby body, Hank is offered a modeling job of his own.

Episode 213 - Chips Ahoy

Kendra and Hank travel to Las Vegas for a swimsuit appearance; the couple visits with friends.


Episode 301 - Welcome to Philadephia

After Kendra and Hank move to Philadelphia, she considers posing for Playboy again.

Episode 303 - Fashion Weak

Kendra joins a group of women to go to Fashion Week in New York.

Episode 306 - Bye-Bye, Bye Week

Kendra makes her decision about where she will live now that Hank is playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

Episode 308 - It's All Relative

Kendra packs up the condo in Philadelphia and moves to a new home in Pasadena, California.

Episode 310 - Reunion

Kendra and baby Hank go to Minneapolis for baby Hank's first birthday.





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